Everybody deserves a chance !

Fundraising for Save Lives, Save India

Eight months ago I lost my Grandpa to Covid. He suffered for over 15 days in ICU before the golden heart stopped beating. Knowing him if he was alive he would have fought as everybody deserves a chance. This is my tiny effort to help someone in need. Please support me in this cause.

India is facing a dangerous surge in new COVID-19 infections.  It is overwhelming the healthcare system of the nation leaving many families with no medical assistance. The lockdowns are impacting the livelihoods and basic food supplies for millions of families.

Vibha and Vikas Khanna are stepping up during these challenging times with IMMEDIATE DEPLOYMENT of over $500,000 for COVID relief efforts, working with 40+ hospitals, healthcare facilities and trusted partner organizations in India.  JOIN US! 


As of May 4, 2021, 

$500,000 disbursed for Covid relief efforts

650 oxygen concentrators procured, to be distributed starting this week 

5000+ PPE kits on the way and more in procurement

Vaccination clinics in planning

About Vibha

Vibha's vision is to ensure every underprivileged attains quality education. Vibha educates, enables and empowers, individuals who wish to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children. Since our inception in 1991, Vibha has supported more than 250 projects in India and 10 projects in the US. As a result, Vibha has been able to reach out to and provide opportunities for over 2.3 million underprivileged children. Currently, Vibha supports 15 projects in India and 3 projects in the US.

All donations to Vibha are tax deductible. Vibha is a 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the USA in the State of New Jersey. Vibha's Tax ID is 22-3122761.





Thank You Donors

Jyothi Gandla $50
Shyamala Bhimavarapu $150
Kondal Jinna $100
Voncha Reddy $500
Anonymous $50
Sahithi Venreddy $50
Anonymous $50
Sarvajeet Nandi $100
Sunitha Chemangunta $250
Indira Kesani $150
Durga Kanuru $500
Amala Reddy $150
Vidya Arshanapalli $100
Rashmi Reddy $750
KrishnaKanth Kuchalakuntla $500
Indira Kesani $150
Lakshma Gunda $250
Saathvik Alety $50
payal goyal $36
Gayatri Kada $25
Swapna Kattekola $75
Leela Yerra $150
Shyamala Bhimavarapu $50
Anonymous $300
Madan Reddy Venn $100
Shilpa Challa $50
Samarendra Nandi $100
Rashmi Reddy $750
KrishnaKanth Kuchalakuntla $500
Priya Parasu $25
Divya Gunda $350
Anonymous $100
Vijayanti Reddy $200