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 As you might know, a second wave of COVID-19 infections is sweeping India in full vigor. The frightening virus surge has left hospitals packed with patients as families desperately scramble to find ventilators, hospital beds, and supplies of oxygen for their loved ones. Crematoriums are running near full capacity as people die waiting in line to get treatment.

Vibha is stepping up during these challenging times by providing $600,000 so far for COVID relief efforts, working with 40+ hospitals, healthcare facilities and trusted partner organizations in India.

 I have personally lost a couple of good friends and have been listening to stories of personal losses from multiple friends in India for the past two weeks.

 Stories are emerging about children being orphaned and left to fend for themselves, people losing their spouses who are the sole breadwinners in the family, even doctors passing away due to exposure and work overload. There is a need for Oxygen cylinders and concentrators, rapid testing kits, antiviral drugs like Remdisivir and additional oxygen support, the biggest need of the hour being Oxygen (in cylinders or concentrators).

A Covid patient can require from 5 liters (170 Oz) to 30 liters (1000 Oz) of Oxygen per hour depending on how critically ill they are. The normal cost of an oxygen cylinder is between $80 and $135, due to the shortage, the black market price has shot up between $800 to $1350. Tanks vary in size and last anywhere from 1 hour to 40 hours.

 Another option is Oxygen concentrator, smaller machines that can provide oxygen to one or a few patients. They are portable and easy to use and can be placed near bedside in homes and clinics and can make oxygen on the spot from air and water. Concentrators can cut down the need for constant refilling of oxygen cylinders and free up supply for severely ill patients. They require batteries or an electrical source and some designs can supply oxygen 24/7 for five years or more. The normal price of an Oxygen Concentrator is between $600 and $850. Oxygen concentrators are a feasible solution that can ease the burden on the medical system and remedy COVID cases in the early stages which seems to be the key to recovery.

Vibha will be procuring and distributing the oxygen concentrators with the funds raised in this campaign.

 It would be great if you can support this cause in these times of distress during the second COVID wave.

Thank you!!! 


As of May 6, 2021:

  • $600K disbursed for COVID relief
  • 850 oxygen concentrators procured. First batch distributed to Ambedkarnagar (UP), Meerut (UP), Srungavarapukota (AP), Beed (Maharashtra), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Beawar (Rajasthan)
  • Partnered with Texas Instruments and Govt. of Karnataka to set up a 100-bed modular hospital in Bengaluru
  • Procurement of Medical Supplies (PPE, Masks, Gloves etc.) in progress
  • Vaccination clinics in planning

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About Vibha

Vibha's vision is to ensure every underprivileged attains quality education. Vibha educates, enables and empowers, individuals who wish to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children. Since our inception in 1991, Vibha has supported more than 250 projects in India and 10 projects in the US. As a result, Vibha has been able to reach out to and provide opportunities for over 2.3 million underprivileged children. Currently, Vibha supports 15 projects in India and 3 projects in the US.

All donations to Vibha are tax deductible. Vibha is a 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the USA in the State of New Jersey. Vibha's Tax ID is 22-3122761.





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