Sneha and Kshitij Campaign for Vibha

Fundraising for Year End Drive 2022

I have been a part of Vibha since 2013. In this time, I have taken on all kinds of roles, right from distributing fliers at a mall, to leading fund raising events, from leading the Bangalore Action Center to now leading the Projects team. I have loved every minute of it!! Sometimes, balancing office, family and volunteering work can get tiring, but knowing that my efforts have all gone towards providing better quality education to less-fortunate children around India makes it all worth it. I request all my friends and family to support Sneha and my campaign to raise $3000/around 2.5 lakhs towards educating children across India.

A new year is just around the corner. The recent years of a rapidly changing world have shown us that when we stand together, we win. Together, we traversed the rough seas of the “new normal”. When schools shut down, your kindness helped keep many children from dropping out. When many were left unemployed, your kindness helped run vocational courses. When many children were left without choice, your kindness gave them new books, and a new leash in life. You have helped better the lives of many children this year. A thank you will never be enough!

We would like to end this year on a high note, and we would like to keep going next year too. Join us in our Year End Drive. Our focus for the year would be scaling our partnerships to provide better public education to all, especially in these areas:

  1. Assisted learning loss due to COVID-19
  2. Digital education
  3. Foundational literacy and numeracy

Without your support our mission could never be successful. As we enter 2023, we remain just as steadfast in our commitment to a better tomorrow, and we are so glad to have you as a part of it.


About Vibha

Vibha's vision is to ensure every underprivileged attains quality education. Vibha educates, enables and empowers, individuals who wish to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children. Since our inception in 1991, Vibha has supported more than 250 projects in India and 10 projects in the US. As a result, Vibha has been able to reach out to and provide opportunities for over 2.3 million underprivileged children. Currently, Vibha supports 15 projects in India and 3 projects in the US.

All donations to Vibha are tax deductible. Vibha is a 501(c)(3) organization, registered in the USA in the State of New Jersey. Vibha's Tax ID is 22-3122761.





Thank You Donors

Dnyanesh Digraskar $151
Hanumantha Gadila $250
Anonymous $125
Kiki Petriti Prabhu ₹20,000
Anonymous ₹1,000
Vinesh Gada ₹2,000
Swathy Kothapalli $100
Deepak Neroorkar ₹25,000
Anonymous ₹100
Anonymous ₹100
kshitij neroorkar ₹5,000